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History of LAPT

History of the Development of LAPT

In 1995, several mental health professionals met for an informal meeting at the office of Danny and Marcie Yeager in Lafayette, LA to discuss forming a branch of the International Association for Play Therapy (IAPT). Unfortunately, a list of those who attended this meeting is not available. Deborah Brown, PhD, from Shreveport with several others had researched the requirements for affiliating and she was selected to head the committee to work with IAPT to get the necessary documentation to become an affiliate of that organization.

After the initial meeting in Lafayette, Dr. Brown called a meeting for those interested in forming a branch to meet in Alexandria, LA at the Bentley Hotel. Eventually, the By-laws were written and submitted to IAPT. On March 7, 1996, the Louisiana Association for Play Therapy was incorporated with the State of Louisiana with Juliana Fort, MD listed as the Registered Agent. LAPT wants to recognize Dr. Deborah Brown for her determination to establish a branch of IAPT in Louisiana and Dr. Juliana Fort for contributing the initial financial monies to establish the incorporation of the Louisiana Association for Play Therapy.

Original Board of Directors

The first Board of Directors as listed in the Articles of Incorporation:

The First Officers for LAPT

The original Board of Directors selected the first Officers for LAPT:

The first LAPT Newsletter was published on June 8, 1996. Marcie Yeager and Juliana Fort were the first editors.

According to the By-laws, the president, secretary, and treasurer are elected by the organization's membership and are to serve 2-year rotating terms with the president being elected one year and the secretary and treasurer to be elected the following year to provide continuity on the board. Other positions are appointed by the President with the Board's Approval.

Subsequent Boards of Directors

Those who have served are listed as follows:



(Because President-Elect Zoe Tanner,PhD, could not serve her 2-year term as president, Danny Yeager extended his service as president for one year at which time Carolyn Ellender served the second year in order to fill Dr. Tanner's term as president.)








  * Registered Play Therapist
** Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

[Note: In February 2015 the Board contracted with Avery Sloan, a professional web designer in Baton Rouge, with Carolyn Ellender serving as temporary liaison to update our website. ]

This history was compiled by Marcia Cox.   She should be contacted if there are any changes or revisions.

[Note: The By-Laws were rewritten and adopted on 6/3/01 to correlate with the national Association For Play Therapy (APT, a name change from IAPT) to integrate APT's requirements that one must be a member of the national organization to be a member of the affiliate state's organization.

The By-Laws have been amended and revised on the following dates: 6/13/03, 2/27/10 and 3/2/12. In December 2017, the executive board worked very hard to revise the by-laws. The by-laws were revised and put to a membership vote that closed in December. The by-laws passed. See PDF of by-laws here.

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