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Gold Branch / Historian

Marcia Cox, LCSW
Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor
Gold Branch / Historian

Marcia Abrams Cox has been working with children and families since she graduated from the LSU School of Social Work in 1974. While working at the Baton Rouge Mental Health Clinic as part of their Children's Services in the 1970's, she developed the first play room used exclusively for children for mental health services there. While working at St. Joseph's Children's Home located in Baton Rouge in the 1980's, she served as the primary therapist for 20 latency-aged and adolescent residential females. It was here that she brought her doll house with a few other toys to turn her office into a playroom again. During this time, she opened her private practice in Baton Rouge and began working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. However, it was not until the late 1980's that she discovered her first workshop focused on play therapy. She came away with a renewed enthusiasm for reaching children through their own medium of conversation, PLAY!

Gold Branch logoIn 1996, Marcia met with a few mental health professionals from around Louisiana and became a charter member of the Louisiana Association for Play Therapy and joined the Association for Play Therapy. Since that time, she has served continuously on the LAPT board as secretary and then was elected president-elect of LAPT in 2003. From June, 2005-June, 2007, she served as president of LAPT and later served as Past-President until 2009. Currently, Marcia is chairperson of the Gold Branch Committee.

"Being associated with play therapists and LAPT and APT has been the most rewarding experience for me! Not only has this association given me the skills and tools to work with children, but I have met some of the most enthusiastic, sincere, and compassionate professionals who truly care about the well-being of children and their families. I know that the future of the world will be changed by the efforts of play therapists who have helped children realize their value and reach for their potential! No matter where I go to attend conferences, play therapists are eager to share their expertise with others like no other segment of the mental health field. LAPT and APT have been the avenues for all of us to gain knowledge about the techniques of play therapy and to show the value of play as a therapeutic tool. This is why I am so proud to be a part of such a dynamic and growing organization as Louisiana Association for Play Therapy and the Association for Play Therapy!"
   - Marcia Cox

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